I’m a woman.




To further add to this picture:

I’m goofy and immature at times, but most of the time, mature. I am clumsy and I snort when I laugh. I’m extremely sarcastic and having a mean side. I’m moody all the time. I’m grumpy first thing in the morning, especially early in the morning and/or when I haven’t had my coffee yet. I complain about a lot and think that I’m a princess. I love getting all dolled-up but also love being in sweats and a t-shirt. I’m insecure, but try to be confident. I want to be told that I’m pretty or beautiful, not hot. I want a guy to like me for me, not my body and for him to love all of my flaws as well as he loves my perks. I want him to hold my hand and kiss me all the time, cuddle with me, talk on the phone with me all night, sing like crazy in the car with me (especially country music!), open the door for me, act like a gentleman (always) and make others jealous of me. Every woman deserves their perfect man, no one should ever settle. And I’ll hold out for my perfect man.


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